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Connecting Monitor E2020H to XPS 15 Laptop

Hi All,


I just ordered a new Dell monitor (E2020H) and am trying to use it with my Dell XPS 15 laptop. I am using display port to HDMI cable but it keeps saying no signal. I have tried restarting both the laptop and computer, unconnected any cables and reconnected as well as update and redownload the drivers. But my laptop still can't detect the monitor and the monitor isn't communicating with my laptop at all. Any ideas how to make this work? You would think this would be a simple process.



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@BethFul  DisplayPort to HDMI cables only work for sending a DisplayPort source signal to an HDMI input, because many (but not all) DisplayPort source devices can fall back to sending an HDMI signal.  Those cables do NOT work for sending an HDMI signal into a DisplayPort input, because HDMI outputs do not support sending a DisplayPort signal, nor do DisplayPort inputs support receiving a native HDMI signal.  Your easiest option would be to buy a USB-C to DisplayPort cable.

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@BethFul  following up on my initial reply above, I just realized that you didn't specify which model of XPS 15 you have -- there have been many XPS 15s over the years -- and therefore I'm not sure whether your specific XPS 15 has a USB-C port. If you have an XPS 15 9550 or newer (the 9550 came out about 5 years ago), then you'll have at least one USB-C port and can therefore use the USB-C to DisplayPort cable option I mentioned earlier.  If you're not sure what model you have, you can go to support.dell.com and enter your Service Tag, and it will identify your system model.  Or you can just look for pictures of USB-C ports online and check whether your system has one.  If it doesn't, then if you specify what XPS 15 model you have, I may be able to suggest other workable options.

@jphughan Thank you! I have a newer PS version with the USB C port. I will try that and see if it works!

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