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Convert XPS 15 Windows 10 to a VMWare


I've purchased an XPS15 with Windows 10. I would like to run Win10 as a Virtual Machine inside Linux. How can I convert this to VMWare image?

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You're going to need to wipe the system clean, install Linux and then vmware - and then load Windows onto the virtual machine you create.

If this is a new system, be sure it's functioning correctly AND that you make a set of recovery media for your system before embarking on the project -- Dell will require you to restore the factory configuration if any troubleshooting is required during the warranty period.



Would I be able to run install that recovery version as a VM under Linux? I'm currently trying to backup and install the factory-supplied version inside itself using VirtualBox, but no luck yet. Would like to see that running before I wipe it clean. I cannot get a regular Windows 10 install ISO. Any help on how to convert my current factory-supplied Windows 10 to a VM?

Macrium Refect can convert an image to a virtual machine -- and yes, you can get a Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft if you want or need to do a clean installation.


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