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Customer service and quality control at an all-time low Dell XPS

I have been a long-time Dell consumer and advocate due to the build quality and innovation when it comes to laptops and monitors. I even switched off apple because of what dell has been doing. I currently own 1 laptop, 2 monitors, and a desktop, all made by Dell. I will honestly probably never buy a dell product again after this experience. I purchased the new dell XPS 15 9500 in white with all, and I mean all the bells and whistles, and it was not cheap. I had read the thousands of reviews and posts about the trackpad issue, but then dell promised the community it had fixed it back in July (for reference, I purchased my XPS in October). When it arrived, the trackpad was very clearly wobbly, uneven, and had this weird clicking noise when I did not click it. I immediately called Dell technical support and could not speak to a single person in the US or anyone who had any real knowledge (and I pay for premium support plus). That is a lot of money to speak to some guy in India who has no idea how a laptop even works. After, I kid you not 4 hours of phone waiting and talking to 3 different people; they sent me a replacement. It took a month for the first laptop to arrive; then, it took almost 3 weeks for the second one to come. I open it up, and what do you know, it has the same exact problem. I immediately call up tech support that I pay so much for, and they hang up on me 4 times when they said, please hold. After almost 2 hours of waiting and re-calling, I finally get someone who says they will send another one, but it will take another 3 weeks. This has been so horrendous, and the quality control is so bad I do not know how they can justify charging almost $3,000 for a laptop. I have no idea what to do now except maybe talk to BBB and keep having them replace them until I eventually get one that works. Perhaps I just go and buy the new Razor or HP Spectre as they seem to do proper quality control and have an actual customer service team I can talk to.

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My Dell is terrible but my brother's Mac is just as bad.


I also have two Lenovo and a swift 3 in the house. Either of these seem better reliability and value


How was your old yoga?

I have some terrible Dells but the Lenovo including one yoga are solid as far as I can tell.

My old carbon x1 was good but battery let it down.






Unfortunately, I just saw your message now.
I have almost had several models of XPSs "9300 and 9310 - new purchases and replacements"),
It started with my previous XPS 9350 "2016 Model", where I began to have the 1st screen flickering at the beginning of 2019 when buying your defective Dell monitor "discovered right after your continuous cheating incidents." While Hyderabad, India center "Thieves," in collaboration with their US Austin peers "thieves," convinced me that the device became old "and can not function the modern tasks "external display." I thought I was dealing with a clean business when I complied with their lies "cheating practice - discovered after" I went through other different purchases "as Dell brand loyal consumer."
I discovered even the latest model starting from 2020 and after. Almost all of them have the same defects of screen flickering, the screen distortion and motherboard overheating issues. At the same time, finding the worst quality of India's center customer service and technical support, dishonest and disgusting quality of the majority of people you have in your company even in the <Non-public info removed. TOS73>. Unfortunately, I am still in love with your devices, but the quality of your business and how you are following your practices are disgusting."
I hope that could help with what you are looking for!
Change the expired, very aged employees at Dell and those you put in India to steal your customer, and you will have a flourishing and successful business.

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