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DELL PLEASE tell us about FANS CONTROL of the XPS line!

Dear Dell,

it's pretty clear that the build-in fans control of the XPS 15 line, starting from the 9550 model to most recent ones, it's kind of "peculiar".

In my case, 9550, I noticed that you can guess why the fans start spinning faster, from 2500 rpm to 3200: pc is at top speed for a long time; you are running a "gpu demanding" app like...MS solitaire... And this is fine.

BUT it is also clear that the system takes FOREVER to go down to the 2500 speed. I tried to monitor every sensor I could but the conditions that lead to a slower fan speed are beyond me. The noise difference between the two speeds is relevant and annoying.

As well is beyond me why, on AC mode, the 0 speed is not possible at all, even when the pc is in idle for a very long time.

Edit: I forgot the thunderbolt port! Everytime you connect the DA200 adapter, even under DC battery mode, the fans kick spinning!!

I understand this behavior is by design, but it looks too conservative and, in any case, I could accept it more if DELL EXPLAINS US HOW THIS WORKS!

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After any kind of small load, the only way to have the fans go back to reasonable speeds is to use Dell Power Manager.

This is clearly a bug or the system is way too conservative with the fan management.

I ask a Dell representative to comment this behavior.


No infos? Soooo….up!


Sorry Dell but this is ridiculous,

this is totally a buggy behavior. If you use Dell Power Manager, even selecting the same thermal management profile, if the temps match the requirements the fans shut down instantaneously.

This needs to be fixed.


Just for the sake of bumping, this problem in present also in battery mode, BIOS 1.8.0.

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Dell 9550 BIOS update 1.9.0: Dell, we want the full log of the fixes.

- Fixed a potential issue where system stops responding when an incorrectly formatted password is entered at the BIOS Security Manager (BIOS pre-boot password) prompt.

- Enable WSMT security enhancement for Windows 10 Creators Update.
- Added TPM PPI Bypass for Clear Command support.
- Added BIOS Password Feature: Master Password Lockout. "

Does the new BIOS do ONLY this?

We have fan control problems, high latency with the Killer wifi cards problems, low performances/instability problems of the Killer wifi card, no indications about possible instabilities with the new Windows 10 1809…

Please give us some further details...and some hope.

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