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DELL XPS 13 9370

hi everyone, 

just bought the 9370 and realize that my left speaker always making like a vibrating/buzzing noise when i try to play any sound for example when opening youtube the noise started but when i pause the video the noise also paused with a slight delay

i tried to reinstall all the audio driver but it doesnt work. 

can anyone help?

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Re: DELL XPS 13 9370

I'm guessing that you have similar issue like described in following thread:

You can ask the author whether his problem was solved or not (and eventually how).

If you didn't played around with equalizer settings to boost/override some frequencies I'm guessing this might be a hardware issue (faulty speaker, speaker grill or something like that). You can try updating manually to latest Realtek drivers (form their site since Dell has sometimes outdated divers releases) or checking MaxAudio equalizer config (it should be installed on your device by Dell) to fix it.

To make sure that this problem is not software related you can check whether it is present when earphones are plugged in (if phones sound is overdriven in similar moments it probably mean that it's caused by audio settings or the drivers).

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