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DELL XPS 14 max ram speed

Hello. I have a XPS 14 L421X with the i5-3317U, 4GB RAM, and the standard HDD.

I am giving the computer to a friend who is going to use it for Photoshop. The standard HDD is slow so I am going to put a used 840 Evo 250GB in it. 

What I was wondering about was the Ram. Adobe's website says 2GB min for Photoshop, and though the computer exceeds this, 4GB is kind of low, so I want to upgrade the ram to 8GB. I saw that the equipped ram is 1600 mhz.

Would 2400 mhz ram not work, or would it have no effect?

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Welcome to the Dell Community  @ZackyB2003 

Your system has only one slot for memory.

2400 MHz should work but it would clock down to your CPU's specification 1600MHz:


XPS 14 L421X Specifications:

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It should work but will in all likelihood run at 1600. Crucial calls for DDR3L 1866 as well as 1600 as compatible RAM. Keep in mind there is only 1 SODIMM slot so that would be a single 8 GB RAM module. Unless you have a 2400 MHz module laying around there is no purpose to going with a 2400 MHz module.


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Thanks guys! I was planning on getting 1x8GB Samsung RAM. Now I know not to get anything more than 1600!



Your very welcome @ZackyB2003 



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