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DELL XPS 15 9560 dead


I have a 15 mth 9560 now out of warranty.  I have hardly used it as its never seemed to run right and i am NOT at all technical!  

I went to use it yesterday and it wont start.  The start button light did come on briefly but wouldnt start up the laptop.  I plugged in the charger (charger lead light working) but the battery lights on the side of the laptop are dead and so is the start button.

I got the most expensive of the range even though i couldnt really afford to spend so much money, thinking it would last me well for a few years, but i guess not.  Worst purchase i have ever made.

I did manage to get the back off to try to remove the battery, to then reinstall it, but didnt have a screwdriver to fit the battery screws.  There didnt seem to be any battery swelling.

If its the motherboard i am just going to have to trash it as i havent got that sort of money to buy a new one, so any suggestions gratefully received. Thank you!

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Unplug, remove the base cover and disconnect the battery from the mainboard (you do not need to remove the battery).  Hold the power button for 30 sec.

Plug in the AC adapter to the wall but not the system - verify that its LED is ON.  If it's not, the adapter is bad.

If it's on, plug in the notebook end (leave the battery disconnected).  See if the system will power up.  If it will, connect the battery and try again.  If it then won't, the battery is bad. 

If it still won't power up, the mainboard is likely bad -- you can contact Dell for an out of warranty repair estimate (but on these highly integrated systems, expect a hefty bill to replace the board).  You may also be able to purchase a warranty extension even for an expired warranty - but expect $300-400 for a year's extension.


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Sorry, I can't help you.

I've had mine for two years, and a couple of months ago, it mostly wouldn't boot up.

I purchased an extended warranty since I paid extra for more hardware power. I have to ship it back to Dell.

All that money spent, and my child didn't even use it as much as an average person would. What a time consuming  experience and shame.

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