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DELL XPS 15 9570 Windows 11 Blue Screen

Hello, I have a Dell XPS 9570 for some years and in the past months, after installing Windows 11, I have lots of problems, constant blue screen with different errors, I already format two times, reinstall windows and other programs, update all drivers. But after some days, constant blue screen. Any idea how to solve this?

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Parse the dump log with something like Who Crashed -- link below.

It should help determine the cause.

Did the same issue arise with Windows 10?

The free version of the software will do fine:




No, the problem starts some months after install Windows 11.


I Run the WhoCrashed but says "dump file was found but appeared to be corrupt: C:\WINDOWS\LiveKernelReports\NDIS-20220728-2014.dmp".

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