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DELL XPS 9560 max 90Watt over USB-C with Dell 130W Charger


i own a Dell XPS 9560 and bought a DELL 130W USB-C charger (DA130PM170) Unfortunately the laptop does not recognize this charger correctly and only charges with 90 watts.

The BIOS is the latest version 1.2, will there be a new BIOS to unlock this DELL charger? The DockingStation from DELL is also supported with 130Watt via USB-C. I guess that only a release of the charger via the BIOS is missing here.

Is something planned to solve the problem?

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Re: DELL XPS 9560 max 90Watt over USB-C with Dell 130W Charger

@Dr4g0n  I do not think you will get a firmware update for this.  The XPS 15 systems since the even older 9550 model supported 130W over USB-C/TB3 from certain Dell docks.  But Dell did not create the 130W USB-C power supply until they launched the XPS 15 9575 2-in-1, since that system did not have a regular barrel-style AC adapter connector.  Multiple users have confirmed that using the 130W USB-C power supply does not work at 130W with older XPS 15 systems, even though again those systems do support pulling 130W from OTHER sources such as Dell docks.  But given that the 130W power supply and the XPS 15 9560 have both been around for a few years now and this limitation still exists, I personally would not expect to see a firmware update to address this.  I agree that it's unfortunate and frustrating, but I'm just telling you what I expect.

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