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Dead XPS 9575

Hi All,

So I am lucky enough to have an XPS 9575 but unfortunately have hardly used it in the time I have had it.

This is because after using it for a month or so it started randomly turning itself off - sometimes after two minutes sometimes after an hour.

At the start it only happened when on battery - so I used it plugged in

I figured I just needed a BIOS update as that would probably solve the problem.

But the shutdowns started happening when plugged in - so I lost faith and stopped using it - deciding to wait for another BIOS release.

In the mean time I have been using my XPS 15 L502x - which never misses a beat.

Anyway about a month ago the new BIOS came out so I updated.

For about a week things were good - it didn't turn itself off..

But then I went to turn it on one morning and nothing - no power light below the track pad and no keyboard lights.

I have tried turning it on unplugged and also plugged in with the two DELL 9575 chargers I have but the machine shows no signs of life at all.

I have read posts that say it may be the battery connector - but I really don't want to open this expensive machine.

Help from anyone and particularly DELL welcome.


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