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Dead pixel and unacceptable response

Purchased a xps 13 for laptop and work a month ago. Was plagued with issues and had a werid rubber hole on the palmrest. Took nearly a month to get solved. Was warned by others on reddit that once I got a refund to not come back. However I believe to give dell a second chance.

Ordered a brand new xps 15 i78750h 16gb ram 512gb ssd, 1050ti model and a 4k screen. upon opening last night within the first 5 minutes notice dead pixels in the bottom right hand screen.

I reached out to the community on reddit for advice to fix the deadpixel. Tried some dead pixel videos which did not work.

Dellcares responded on that post asking for my information after providing it. Was given a copy paste response that basically said can not help you. Because this is a industry standard....

Now purchasing a so called top of the line model I find this unacceptable. This model goes for an rrp of 3k aud in my country. I am think I am going to go through a return channels as my resolution to my problem was extremely unsatisfactory.

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Return it and look elsewhere if you're not getting good treatment.

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It looks like Dell has a  15 day satisfaction guarantee in Australia - though you likely will be responsible for restocking charges and shipping, you  may want to ask about a refund for return.

They won't replace a system or a panel for a single dark pixel -- very few LCD or notebook manufacturers will.  Particularly for 4K screens, with an enormous pixel count, defective pixels are not out of the norm. Would you be willing to pay a double screen price (say $100 or more) extra for a system with a perfect pixel guarantee?  Some vendors do provide that option (and it's usually time-limited, say the first 30 days).

The Dell pixel policy is here.



Would happily pay for that, did not even get prompted for that option 

Some system vendors allow this;  others don't.  I don't think Dell does have that option.  Custom-built systems often do - see below for Clevo/Sager.



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