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Dell G3 17 won't boot after installing windows

So i wanted to install windows on this linux ubuntu dell G3 17. After installing windows starts up and i'm in. Seems very easy. But if I restart or turn the laptop off i'm not able to get back in. It keeps saying no bootable device detected. Even though I was already using the laptop with windows after the install. I didn't got to see any boot options with F12. Normally it show the drives it has in it but dells bios is different then the ones i'm used to.

I tried adding boot options in the bios with several file names. I tried over 20 files now and nothing works. I also updated the bios. But i can't seem to find any sign of the SSD and HDD??? (I am able to see/select them when installing windows). The SSD and HDD are in the bios info but i'm not able to select them anywhere.

Kind of out of options now....

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Hi Tjhiev,

Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.

Have you tried a systems diagnostics yet?  Please press F12 at startup or run Dell SupportAssist.  Make a note of any error messages and post back.  

You may also want to look at this thread or this one on the Dell Community you may find helpful.

If you need further assistance, please contact me privately.  Be sure to include your personal information along with your computers service tag number.

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