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Dell G5 5500 Windows 11 Fresh Install - no drivers

I have a Dell G5 5500 that I've put a brand new SSD in both slots as NvMe drives in place of the original drive. I have tried a Windows 11 (and tried 10) ISO and when I go to install the Operating system, Windows Installer complains that it can not see any drives to install the OS. 

Where can I get a driver or how can I get Windows Install ISO to see the drives. The drives are using ACHI and are not in RAID (Intel rapid)

I have installed Linux on it with no issues, but I want to install Windows 11 side by side.

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You need to pause the install and load the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver (see below).

Or, change from IRST to AHCI in setup (F2 at powerup) -- doing this will remove the need for the IRST driver.



How do I get the driver out of the EXE file. I am on linux (as I can't install Windows) and I don't have access to another machine

The BIOS is already in AHCI mode and not in IRST

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It sounds more like you've partitioned the drives for a Linux filesystem -- you will need an empty space or partition on the drive that Windows can access in order to install a dual boot.



I found the problem.. it was the USB drive causing the issue.. I needed to find a windows machine to use the official Windows ISO creator

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