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Dell OS recovery USB not booting

Hello y'all,

I downloaded the latest version of Dell OS recovery and created a USB for my XPS 15 9560, but the after hitting F12, the boot options doesn't detect the bootfiles on the USB.

If I create a bootable USB, using MS Creation tool, with the same USB, the boot option does see the bootfiles on the USB and I can boot from the USB.

I want to switch back to Windows 10 1909, because I installed Windows 10 2004 to early.


Can Dell fix this issue, so I can create a correct USB?


Kind regards,



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Do you still have the capability to use the "Recovery" option to go back to the previous version ("Settings" > "Update and Security" > "Recovery"? You should have 10 days to go back.


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did you burn the iso to the usb or just copy the files? you need to properly burn it


I found a way to reinstall the image of Dell using the Dell OS recovery tool.

Here's the thing....

After I create the USB, I get the options below, as Dell designed it:

Dell OS recovery.png








At this point I had to restart my laptop from this menu, to automatically boot from the USB. This worked so I could reinstall my laptop with the latest Dell image.

But if close this menu and I restart my laptop and then hit the F12 key, the USB is not being recognized by the bios. Only a USB, created with MS media creation tool is being recognized.

I don't know why the Dell OS recovery USB is not being recognized, but I'm glad that I could reinstall the Dell Image with Windows 1909!


Maybe something for Dell to look into this issue......?


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