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Dell Power Manager latest version for XPS 9520 ?

XPS 15 9520

I just recevied my XPS 15 9520; in the many reviews I saw on youtube before the purchase, I always noticed the DPM software to set the Thermal management and choose one of the 4 scenarios.

Installed with my PC there is a 3.11.0 version who looks different compared with the other, just curious to know if it is older and legacy or not (and where to download the new, in the case of). Beside this, it is very slow to start (about a minute), is it normal?

Moreover, I have only ONE plan in win11 powerplan, the BALANCED... the "dell" or "high performance" of previous laptops I remember to had, there aren't...

Thanks in advance

3.11.00 installed on mine3.11.00 installed on mineshown in many YT reviewsshown in many YT reviews

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Looks like Dell's power plans are separate judging by the notice on the top right of the first screenshot you posted. I'd suggest running SupportAssist/Dell Update (or seeing if DPM has an updater built in) to see if you have any updates available.

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