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Dell Quality Control/Repair is TERRIBLE

I am very upset with Dell. I came from an old HP Envy x360 that had better quality control than my xps 15 9500! I'm on my second one and have found many issues. I can no longer ask for a replacement because I am "outside of my 30-day warranty" but it was because I was waiting for the second one to ship and a repair too. I even got the second laptop serviced and am getting it serviced again tomorrow! When the dell person came to my house for the first service (bad trackpad), he opened the bottom panel with his fingernails and scratched it in multiple areas, so now I have to contact them about asking for a replacement bottom panel too. I really hate dell at this point and if I find more issues after the other replacement, I will sell my laptop. I have never been so disappointed in my life. They should at least refund those with a longer than 30-day money back! No one plans on getting 2 bad ones in a row but based on these reviews, that seems to be the norm and many people are out of luck. They need to fix their entire company and not save face, they are terrible and the "repairs" are just as bad. If you can get your money back, do it ASAP as a replacement will probably have the same issues as the first ones!

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