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Dell Spain, not helping

I am stuck since several days because Dell Spain doesn't have any interest in assisting customers orders. There is an offer that expires today April 15th and I'm still struggling to get help. The offer is the following:

Nuevo XPS 13

Precio de mercado 1.658,74 €

Ahorro total 209,74 €

Entrega estándar Gratuito

Precio de Dell1.449,00 € Precio con IVA, gastos de envío incluidos (salvo disposición en contrario)

Envío y entrega Envío en 3 - 5 días laborables

Basically I want to order the White Frost color and The US American keyboard layout (not The US international). I called Dell Spain but they they don't provide assistance because that department is close due to the policy of the company. Barton, please could you you reach them to sort out this problem.

Thanks in advance.