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Dell XPS-12-9Q33 screen issue

I was not using my Dell XPS-12-9Q33 laptop for more than a year. Today when I turned it on. I am seeing something liquid and glue kind of thing spread inside the screen. As the laptop screen is a touchscreen, touch works fine in the affected region. Can anyone have an idea what could be the reason for this and what would be the estimated cost for getting this one repaired, as it's out of warranty?

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The panel is internally damaged -- from the looks of it, a liquid either seeped inside the screen from the edges, or some internal damage to the LCD caused the fluid inside to leak.  Either way, the display assembly needs to be replaced.  These weren't big sellers when they were new, and replacement parts as a result are relatively expensive.  Because of the design, you'll just about certainly need to replace the entire assembly.  There is one listed on EBay at the moment:



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Bit late but thought I'd add my experience for others who search for it.

Mine has the same issue which started a couple of years ago, in fact I've seen this before in other threads. It started small and got progressively worse, first looking like air bubbles before spreading across the whole screen with what you have.

In my case the glue from inside is actually leaking out of the corners of the display, onto the bottom part of the laptop near the 'esc' key.

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I have the same problem, I didn't make any choc with this laptop, and a fluid is coming out, degrading the video quality and touching the keyboard .

I hope I can find someone to replace it.


Hi, what was the solution for you? Now I can’t use the laptop anymore, the stain covered the whole screen, brightness dropped to the minimum and can’t be adjusted anymore. Of course there was no external trauma, it just degraded:(

Should I just throw it away?

thanks a lot!


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