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Dell XPS 13 3840*2160 Pixel Problem

Hello, I been experiencing some renegade pixels on my dell xps 13, they appear to be abnormal white when screen shows white, gray and green colors. I this a technical issue or software issue? if someone ever experience such problem and found a solution please share. They don't go extremely white in red, black, blue and the rest of the colors. Thanks.
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Hi Tal.Liederman,

Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.


Here is information from the Dell Knowledge base you may find helpful:

Dell LCD Display Pixel Guidelines


If you still require assistance and the system is under warranty, you may contact me privately. Be sure to include your personal information (name, address, telephone, email) and your computer's service tag number in your message. Thanks.


If there is no warranty, then you could contact our Out of Warranty team to get a quote for a paid service request. 


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