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Dell XPS 13 9343 Wont Turn On

I have a Dell XPS 13 9343 that I’ve bought about 3-4 years ago. I leant this laptop to a friend for a day to take a test and she used it for a day. After that I left it alone for a month. I tried turning it back on yesterday and it won’t turn on. After reading some forms online here is my situation 


  • Laptop won’t turn on. Tried pushing the power button while pressing the D key no luck. 
  • My charger is working fine I’ve tested the charger. The charging light on my XPS turns on as well. However after charging it overnight the light is gone. If I plug in the charger the light stays on for a second then disappears. 
  • The battery life light on the side doesn’t show me any lights at all. 

Here are the things I’ve tried so far,

  • I took the base cover off and unplugged the battery. I plugged the charger in my laptop and the charging light would come on for a second and then go away. This even happened when the charging light would be on all the time with the battery on. I’ve pressed the power button for a minute and still it didn’t turn on without the battery. 

Based on the forms, I feel like a lot of people are going to say it’s a dead motherboard. Is it really possible for a motherboard to go bad out of nowhere? This computer has been working fine and I’ve taken great care of it since I first got it. I really feel like it’s different issue than the motherboard. Any help would be appreciated...

Thank you 

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