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Dell XPS 13 9343 dual monitor setup


Looking for advice on how to setup two external displays on a XPS 13 9343 laptop. I have a dell PC2720 DC monitor connected via a DP to HDMI cable on that monitor and then daisy chained via the DP out port to the DP in port on the second dell U2415 monitor, however this second monitor isnt detected in the display settings. I also have a chromebook that I could test another setup on so any advice is most welcome. thanks.

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@nareik20  Daisy chaining requires native DisplayPort signaling to be used along the entire chain.  Since the XPS 13 9343 doesn't have a full-size DP output or an HDMI output, I'm going to guess that you have a MiniDP to HDMI cable at the moment?  If you get a MiniDP to DP cable to connect your first display, your daisy chain should work.  I'm also assuming that you have a P2720DC display, since I can't find a PC2720DC display.  But if so, the XPS 13 9343's MiniDP output will have enough bandwidth to run QHD+FHD.

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