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Dell XPS 13 9343 stop code driver_pnp_watchdog

My Dell XPS13, running windows 10, stopped booting up. It won't get past the Dell logo (with loading circle).  It has tried automatic repair, but then gives a blue screen with stop code "driver_pnp_watchdog" and restarts itself. I cannot access the recovery options or safe mode, but do have access to BIOS settings. Please help!!! 

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dell-robert p
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Re: Dell XPS 13 9343 stop code driver_pnp_watchdog

Hi Andge,

Thanks for posting.  Apologies that your system is not performing as expected.

Unfortunately, there's not enough information to completely diagnose and resolve your issue, so I'll give you some general information.  Hopefully this will help:

Computer will not boot to Windows 10

Dell PC does not turn on or boot into Windows

How to Fix a Boot Up Problem

How to Fix a Computer that Won't Boot Up

If you need additional assistance, please contact me privately.  Be sure to include your personal information along with your computers service tag number.  Thanks.

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Re: Dell XPS 13 9343 stop code driver_pnp_watchdog

Hi dell-robert p,

I have exactly the same problem as the OP, unfortunately none of those links really reference the error message?

I can't get to the Recovery Menu by turning on/off three times.

The computer has been running fine for 2 years now.


Any ideas?

Cheers, Martin

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