Dell XPS 13 9350 Battery Indicator Flashing and Stops charging

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So i got my Dell XPS 13 9350 3 or 5 years ago and the laptop has been working just fine until recently the laptop ‘s battery Indicator starts flashing after charging upto 60%. The problem is that suppose i drain up the battery to all the way to 10% and plug in the dell charger that came with the laptop, it will charge normally upto 60% but after reaching 64% (or sometimes 70%) the battery indicator starts flashing ( not continuously but at 5 to 10 seconds intervals). That is not to say it doesn’t charge it does charge but just not continuously. This continues until may be 80% after which it never charges beyond that point. Even if i keep the charger connected all night long. This has been a serious problem for me. 


And i have read, watched and tried evey solution there is in dell community or youtube videos but nothing works. I have tried updating all my driver, checking the bios for battery health (which is excellent), use the dell power option to check whether the battery charging mode is set to standard or not.  

Nothing seems to work. Now what is the problem here exactly and what could be solution ? 



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Unless you have another symptom - such as failure of the system to recognize the AC adapter simultaneously with the charging cutoff -- it's simply a battery in its end of life spiral.  You need a new battery -- 3 years or more and it's well beyond its design life (most run 2-3 years before needing replacement;  you've done quite well).


So you are saying if i just change the battery of my laptop The problem will be solved ? 

As long as there's no evident issue with the AC adapter or DC jack (such as a failure to recognize the adapter),  yes it should.

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