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Dell XPS 13 9350, Cannot communicate with battery (from time to time?)

Recently I got my battery for my XPS 13 laptop replaced (with a genuine battery) since the previous one started to swell up.

However after a while my laptop mentioned that it is unable to communicate with the battery.  So I deleted the battery drivers, force shut down the pc and rebooted. After this the PC recognizes the battery for a while ( 1 or 2 hours) but then loses connection again. I've tried opening up the laptop and disconnecting and reconnecting the battery myself but this also only works for a short time.

This would not be a big issue for me if not for the following problem: when the battery is not detected my laptop runs immensly sluggishly (like really significantly slower compared to when the battery is detected). Although the driver deleting and rebooting is a temporary solution, it is really unbearable to continue doing this every hour.

When the battery is disconnected and I run diagnostics I get the following error code : 2000-133

To me it seems so strange that the laptop only recognizes the battery from time to time?

Can anyone help me with this issue?

Thank you in advance


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