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Dell XPS 13 9360 Audio jack unable to detect earphones

Hello Dell Community,

I am looking to get a resolution for the problem I am currently facing, which has been haunting me ever since I bought this PC last November.

Ever since I bought this PC, I have not been able to get my audio jack to detect my earphones. I have tried out many driver re-installations, which obviously failed. I have also searched up many of such related articles, but the solution did not work out. I might have sort of identified the problem, but I am not sure how to solve it. So, as I heard, Wave Maxx Audio Pro is the system that basically configures your sound settings. I have check the playback devices and found out that the only output device I can select is the internal speakers, even though I have my earphones plugged in. Unlike many other situations I see online, my XPS also isnt able to detect the earphones when I have them plugged in to the audio jack on boot or before boot.

I am not very sure if it is a hardware or software problem at this stage, however I am hoping to be able to resolve this problem without much hassle.


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Re: Dell XPS 13 9360 Audio jack unable to detect earphones

I have the same problem on my XPS 9360: nothing happens when a jack is inserted. No headphones, no external loudspeakers. The problem appeared only after a few months of use. Since I do not listen to music on my laptop very often, I can't say if the problem appeared after a specific event. I'm quite sure that some driver was updated between the last time when headphones were working and the first time I noticed the problem. I can't say which one(s) though. It is sad to have such a beautiful laptop this limited by a stupid issue. Francesco
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