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Dell XPS 13 9360 LCD Panel backlight not working

Dell XPS 13 9360 LCD Panel has suddenly stop working appears to be a backlight problem

Screen started flickering and then appear to turn off, no damage has occurred to the device

Its possible to see the screen is still working faintly i.e. very dark

I am trying to determine if this is software related issue before I go down the hardware replacement route

Actions Taken

  • Can attach an external monitor and use the device
  • All hardware drivers updated using Dell Support Assist
  • All Dell Support Assist Diagnostics run with no issue
  • Windows OS up to date
  • Cannot run LED diagnostics because the screen is not lit up
  • Running in windows recovery mode does not help

What else can I try?

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Re: Dell XPS 13 9360 LCD Panel backlight not working

Hey Lane, 


I currently have the dell XPS 13 9360 as well. In the last year in June I had this exact same issue. I tried every possible fix. There was no damage to the screen whatsoever and I was surprised on how this could have happened. It was working perfectly and after switching the computer on again, it just stopped working. It most probably is an issue with the backlight which may be defective. I had to give my computer to the dell engineers to fix it. Unfortunately, if none of the options worked for you, you may have to give in your laptop for repair as well. Also, if you shine a flashlight to the screen, can you see the contents? 

Hopefully I've given you a clear insight to the issue. 

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