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Dell XPS 13 9360 Random black screen

Occasionally my dell xps 13-9360 will randomly just sleep. I made sure in my power settings that it should only do that after about 25 minutes, but it's happening after less than 5 minutes. When the screen comes back on, I'm at the lock screen and the fans will blow loudly for about 5-10 seconds. The laptop itself also gets warm quite easily; the power brick is also quite hot while plugged in. I've already done a BIOS update recently (yesterday), as recommended by tech support, when my audio jack wasn't working. What steps should I take? Is it possible to get a full refund if I wish to do so?

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Try running the power troubleshooter. It solved a issue where the laptop was not recovering properly from sleep mode dues to a  timer on screen shutdown not being set  correctly. given thatyuou are reporting the power brick being warm it might be worth seeing if it provides any insights into the situation.

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