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Dell XPS 13 9360 screen lines and flashing white

Hi there, my dell Xps has suddenly whilst working on it today got lines and flashing on the screen, it is like the white stretches... it goes from the bottom up, so if you move the nose along the bottom you get a vitical line going up from it... same with the icons as per the pictures.

The laptop is 15 months old do just out of warranty, It’s not been used that much, very well cared for...

I ran the light/colour  test I think function and D letter, but the lines still show... is it the led screen? And if so how could this have happened as I wasn’t even touching it?

it has all the latest drivers and bios....

any help would be appreciated as I love my XPS and can’t believe it’s 3 months out of warrrenty and this happens when it cost so much!!

pictures hopefully attached.0FA4F155-4FFB-447D-93B0-AEA07A98CC82.jpeg








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Re: Dell XPS 13 9360 screen lines and flashing white

If the fault shows on the self-test, the screen is bad -- no way to know the cause, but it needs to be replaced (and you now know why a notebook should be purchased with a 3-year warranty).


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