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Dell XPS 13 9365 dying quickly


I've had my XPS 13 for almost two years now. I use it for school and until recently, never had any problems with it. The battery life was good and would last a while unplugged. Recently, however, the battery drains a lot quicker. If I don't leave it charging while sleeping, it is very likely it will be dead or almost dead when I open it up again. It dies quickly when I use it as well when its not plugged in. Not sure if its related, but I've recently started playing some games on it after exclusively using it for school for a year. Games like Minecraft Windows 10, Terraria, Stardew valley. I had an issue where Sims 3 was running continuously in the background even after exiting without any indication (racking me up 300+ hours in the game lol), which I thought could've been causing the battery issues until I uninstalled it and they kept persisting. The battery issues just about line up with the time period I started using this laptop for games. I make sure to exit out of everything before putting it to sleep. Just not sure where to start with this, hopefully there is a fix. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be going on or done about this?

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Re: Dell XPS 13 9365 dying quickly

It's normal battery wear and time for a replacement battery.


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