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Dell XPS 13 9370 Speaker Popping

When I'm using Dell XPS 13 9370 and quietly browsing the web (and even have it muted), the speakers make random popping noises, sort of like the sound you get when you turn a speaker on and off.

All the drivers are up to date according to the Dell Update application.

Is there an update coming for this, or is a way I can make it stop?

I can see other posts where people have popping sounds during playback, or just before it, but this is just when it's sitting quietly not trying to play sound.

Thanks a lot!

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I just experienced the same issue with my 9370. I had this problem last year when I owned a 9360 for a brief period. Pity that it's happening with this version as well. I am interested in finding out more about this issue.

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I just got my XPS 9370 a couple of days and I'm experiencing the same issues. I've tried almost everything I could find online, like updating bios, reinstalling windows 10 and drivers... Have you found a solution yet? Thanks!


I came across this thread on Reddit, I have not tried the workaround yet. 


My first 9370 had the speaker issue. I'm currently on my second 9370 which also has the issue. 



Now on my THIRD XPS, still has the popping sound. 


Had four of them. All had Quality Problems (misaligned trackpad, Keyboard, power button; Killer WiFi not connecting after Sleep, popping Speakers).

The Speaker Problem seems to be a Energy-feature. The Amp Wakes up when there is a "Sound" in the browser etc... even the Speakers are turned to silent.

You can install an older Version of the realtek-software. It will not turn off the amp. Resulting in a constant low volume hiss…. your choice! I would just return it over and over or Forget About it.




Yep, I'm also getting this. Add it to the ever expanding list of problems I've experienced with this laptop. What is going on with Dell's QC department?


Sorry to have to bump an old thread, but is there any acknowledgement of this issue from Dell yet? It's driving me nuts!

Or has anyone found a reasonable workaround?


Still having the problem on my 9560. No luck with the reddit workaround either. Nice to see that Dell is working on this... </s>

Looks like I'll be going back to Lenovo for my next laptop...


Try the latest wifi driver.. 


I had some sound issues when wifi is on and also the wifi was a bit slow.  Latest driver fixed it up.


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