Dell XPS 13 9370 overheating?

Got my new XPS 13 9370. Since day 1 I started to notice a sign of overheating. It doesn't happen very often but it is a concern for me. Today, it happened again after I set the power mode onto Best Performance. The laptop is plugged in and the keyboard started to heat up with fan running trying to cool down. I think the ventilation is somewhere on the bottom in the back which makes so sense, since the laptop has always been placed on a desk top which makes the heat has nowhere to escape. It was running like that for 10 mins with the heat started to build up. I had to turn the laptop off and restart, and switched the power mode onto Battery Saver.

Has anyone noticed this issue?

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Re: Dell XPS 13 9370 overheating?

In high performance mode, your system will surely heat up.
Use system on flat surface.
Check CPU/GPU Temp in bios and update me.
You can also update system bios
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Re: Dell XPS 13 9370 overheating?

Run some stress tests and take a look at temperature charts to verify your unit behavior ie. using Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility. It will produce "visible" results that you can later use in contact with support.

Section responsible for charging and transmitting power while on AC is poorly designed in 9370 and it might get quite hot wile in use (and cause fans to spin lie crazy)

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