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Dell XPS 13 9370 replacement display issue

XPS 13 9370


I was wondering if anyone has solved this issue.  I have

Dell XPS 13 9370, I replaced the standard fHD screen as it was cracked with a touch screen.   When it works it works well, however I have several issues.

1.   On cold start laptop screen will not work until connected to an external monitor then it is fine. Whenn synced all works well.

2.   Returning from sleep it sometimes does not work until connected to an external monitor.

3.  Touch screen works well


I have done following:

a.  Using latest version of Windows 11 

b.  I have disconnected the battery and then drain any remaining charge.  Works for a while then back to normal.

c.  I have updated the graphics driver from intel latest version UHD - it is the same (removed all old drivers first).  Clean install


Any thoughts as to a possible solution?  could it be a battery issue?







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If it's a battery issue, the problem won't occur when starting on AC power only (with the battery connected).  Test that.

The other question has to be, how did the original screen become damaged?  If it was a fall or a heavy impact, you may also be facing a damaged system board.


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Great idea, will try without battery and see. 

I managed to damage edge of the display during business travel.  All working fine otherwise.  As it was fine I decided to replace the display.

Thank you


I tried it without battery connection same issue.  So it is not the battery.

If I drain the charge from the board holding down the power button for 30sec and then reconnect everything works as it should.  However, this will only work for a while and revert back to the issue. 

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The display you replaced the broken display with was not the same as the original one, so of course this adds a layer of complication (unless they are the same displays). Try running diagnostics in the BIOS and Windows through SupportAssist and see if they like your new display.


Problem solved  - Diagnostic all came back good.  I found the solution.  I went into the BIOS and under video and disabled "Dynamic Backlight Control"  and now works perfectly.  Only took 5 months to find the fix.

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