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Dell XPS 13 9380 screen flickering

I recently purchased the new XPS 13 (4K TS, i7, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD) and have been experiencing issues with the screen flickering when plugged in to AC. I thought it may have been a driver issue so downloaded the latest graphics drivers but this has not fixed the issue. When running on battery everything is fine. I have disabled the dynamic backlight in BIOS and checked Event Viewer but no such luck.

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Brand new computer has a one year warranty but you have to contact Support directly. Remember that laptops must use Dell customized drivers. Make sure you got the driver from Dell Downloads. Reinstall the driver that came with the new computer by entering your info on this page-- https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/product-support/product/xps-13-9380-laptop/drivers

Hi Mary, that's where I got the driver from. I am tempted to contact Dell and return it for another one, it's just disappointing after the money I spent on it!
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---UPDATE--- So I downloaded Core Temp to check the temperature of the CPU under stress as I've read the issues some people have been having where it would reach 100'c under stress. I ran the stress test from Support Assist and sure enough the CPU was reaching 100'c under load, quite easily. I kept Core Temp open and happened to see that the CPU power figure jumped from 2W to 21W when the screen flickered, it did this again a minute or so later but to 16W. This to me is a big indication that the issue is related to power management in some way. N.B. Whilst writing this post I noticed that my CPU usage jumped to 100% and temperature to the 90s (with just Chrome, Support Assist and Core Temp open).

For me it was the PSR option under the power section in the intel hd control panel.

Deactive it and see if that helps

I had a slightly different problem. Occasional flashes or flickers regardless of whether on power or not. Dell replaced the display on my computer but this did not fix it. Your suggestion of disabling Panel Self-Refresh (PSR) did. Thank you very much.

I just disabled this feature. Going to see if it solved the problem. My machine was certainly not under a lot of stress and I would get random flickering on my screen. I hope this really does work, since I just purchased this little laptop. Will keep you posted.

I'm also having this flicking issue on certain screens while browsing, have disabled the PSR feature to see if it works.

I'm pretty new to this, how do you access the intel core hd control panel?

Search for Intel Graphics Control Panel
When it opens click the Power icon
Under change settings for the plan, change Panel Self Refresh to Disabled
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Can't remember if you need to restart or not.

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