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Dell XPS 15 2021 - 4k 60hz output from thunderbolt 4 port + cheap hub?


Sorry for asking a dumb question. SO, I have an XPS 15 (2021 with 3050ti), and it has TB4.

I want to output 4k 60hz in SDR. Can these dongles work? They claim 4k 60hz.



The second link is esp concerning, as it says 4k 60hz only works with NVIDIA 2070...

I saw an answer about an older XPS and wonder if it applies to these above docks and my newer XPS:


"Newer systems that support DisplayPort 1.4/HBR3 over USB-C can run 4K 60 Hz and USB 3.x simultaneously even over regular USB-C if the device on the other end supports it, but again you don't have that."

Sorry, I re-read the guys post, but I'm not the brightest...Any advice? 

PS. If they won't work. Will something like this cable work for me? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002817224176.html?spm=a2g0o.cart.0.0.1d823c00TGwwq9&mp=1

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Thank you, sir! I feel a lot better now about what purchases to make. All the best.

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@jay_el A DP 1.2 input can support 4K 60 Hz.  The only reason you need HBR3 bandwidth levels is to get a 4K 60 Hz signal to the hub while you're also carrying USB 3.x.  So as long as the hub can receive an HBR3 signal and then pass out through its DP output as HBR2 -- which I think it should be able to do -- then you would be fine.  In terms of cabling, if it's a USB-C hub rather than a Thunderbolt hub, then you would just need a USB-C cable rated for at least USB 3.x Gen 1.  Some USB-C cables are only rated for USB 2.0 and power, and they would not be suitable.  And then for the DP cable, you shouldn't need anything special there.  DP 1.2 has been around for a very long time, so any DP cable you find should support at least that standard.

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Hi again. Sorry to trouble you. I had a follow up question.

I realised that my monitor only has the following inputs: HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.2.


My question(s).

1/ Since I don't have a display with 1.4 compatibility, can I still get 4k60hz with the above hub?

2/ The hubs require you supply your own cable. Assuming that my monitor is fine (whether my current model, or if I upgrade to one that can do DP 1.4). Do I need to by a special Thunderbolt 3 or 4 USB cable to connect my laptop to the hub? (I know I need a special DP cable from hub to monitor).

Many thanks


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Thank you for the fast reply and detailed response. You're a legend!

I'm gonna spin the wheel and give the cheapy hub a shot! Will post up the results here if anyone else is interested in the effectiveness of these cheapo hubs with XPS15 9510.

Thanks again:)

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@jay_el  Looks like you found one of my posts in your research.  The requirement for 4K 60 Hz through a hub that also sets up a USB 3.x data link is support for DisplayPort 1.3/HBR3 or newer.  Regarding the 2070 mentioned on that second product page, it looks like they're just listing a bunch of NVIDIA cards.  And even the guidance that it only works with NVIDIA isn't accurate.  First, that's only even relevant if the NVIDIA GPU actually controls the display outputs.  Your XPS 15 has an NVIDIA GPU, but all of its outputs are wired to the Intel GPU.  The NVIDIA GPU only operates indirectly via NVIDIA Optimus technology when needed, so it's actually completely irrelevant in your case.  And second, there are now Intel GPUs that support DisplayPort HBR3.  And luckily for you, that includes the Intel GPU built into your XPS 15 9510 (that's the actual generation model number, since Dell doesn't actually use years).  So yes, those adapters at least SHOULD work for you.  The reason I say "should" is that I haven't tested those adapters, not everything in the tech world always DOES work.  For example, there are currently multiple threads involving a few Dell systems that support DisplayPort HBR3 being unable to run 4K 60 Hz through Dell's WD19S docking station, even though that should work.  And the XPS 13 9300 at least initially couldn't run dual 4K 60 Hz through Dell's WD19TB dock, even though that should have worked too.

A basic USB-C to DisplayPort cable would give you twice as much video bandwidth because you would not be running USB 3.x data simultaneously.  That would allow you to run setups like 5K (5120x2880) 60 Hz or 8K 30 Hz, but you don't need that.  However, that would certainly be a simpler setup, so it might at least be a good backup solution if the hubs don't work the way they're supposed to.

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