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Dell XPS 15 9350 new battery can not charge

I've purchased a laptop battery for Dell XPS 13 9350 from an online store. However, the battery is not recognized by the laptop and thus refused to charge. I was pretty sure that this was a battery quality problem, so I went to the supplier and they told me that the battery was tested repeatedly and there should be no quality problems. And tell me some improvements, the steps as below

1. Unplug the adapter, take out of the battery, press the power button for 20-30seconds to remove the static electricity remaining in the computer

2. Clean the battery interface with alcohol cotton before reinstalling

3. Reinstall the battery, make sure the battery is well connecting to the laptop. Fixed the connector with the tape. Power on and see if the laptop works well. Plug the adapter to charge the battery and check the battery level indicator under the computer.

Ifollowed these steps and found it works. The problem is that only the battery interface is loose, so as long as it is fixed in one position, it can be solved.

Hope it can help others.

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