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Dell XPS 15 9500 RAM and Battery Issues

I have a XPS 15 9500 (2020). It does not boot (conditionally) and flashes with 2 amber lights then 4 white lights. When I remove the RAM from DDR1 it boots again. I thought it was a faulty RAM issue, so I bought an replacement and realized that it wasn't a RAM issue because I put the removed/old DDR1 RAM into DDR2 and it booted again. When I have RAM in both ports, not only does it not boot, my computer gets ridiculously hot and it heats up my other devices when in the same backpack. Also the I can't charge it sometimes. The charger light is on, but is gone when it's plugged in and does not charge sometimes. Could I please get some support on this? This is causing disruptions in being able to do my daily work.

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You have a bad memory socket -- the system board needs to be replaced.  If under warranty, contact Dell for service.

If not, you have two options:  run with just one memory module, or replace the system board.  For this model, the floor for a board price is $600 or so -- and with faster CPUs or higher-range GPUs, the price can go over $800.  Add whatever an hour's labor costs in your area for an all-in repair price -- parts-people.com is one source of boards (and they charge a flat $100 for labor).

Try using a different port to see if the charging issue is resolved.  If it's not, it could be the DC plug on the adapter that is the issue, or a problem with the charge circuit on the system board itself.  Depending on warranty status as above, it may be worth trying a different adapter to see if that solves the problem, or proceeding with a warranty repair or mainboard replacement if not.



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