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Dell XPS 15 9500 Screen Flicker (Software Problem)

Hi I was hoping to get some help on what's going on.

A couple weeks ago I jumped into a Zoom meeting and as soon as the meeting opened my screen started to flicker (image attached).

I've done quite a few troubleshooting to no avail.

  • I've updated BIOS, Graphics Drivers
  • Factory Reset
  • I've disabled battery saving, hardware acceleration.
  • I've opened the laptop and and cleaned the screen pins and reattached them.

I've used the LCD Self-Testing Tool and all colors come up fine without any artifacts except for pure white which flickers. This is confusing me because if RGB all work then I don't know why white wouldn't work.

System Info:

CPU: Intel i7-10750H

RAM: 64 GB

Graphics: GTX 1650 Ti

Monitor: Dell XPS 15 SHP14D0 

Any help would be great! Thanks!



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