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2 Jasper

Dell XPS 15 9500 Thermal Throttle

Hello Ya'll,


Does someone if the XPS 15 9500 will thermal throttle as bad as the XPS 15 9560?

I know the heat reduction cannot be solved anymore with undervolting on the 9500.

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2 Jasper
2 Jasper

Nobody ever tested the XPS 15 9500, with gaming?

It stil thermal throttles quick badly. Ive been running GTA & COD Modern Warfare and it thermal throttles all the time. THe BIOS Disabled throttlestop so there is no way to undervolt


I have the same problem with my XPS 15 9560, while playing games, until I set the Thermal Management Profile to "Cool" in the Dell Power Manager.

In the Nvidia Control Panel --> Manage 3d Settings --> Program Settings, I have set the "Power Management Mode" to "Prefer Maximum Performance" for the .exe for every game. After applying this, I rebooted my XPS and now all my games are running smootly enough.


Try this out and maybe this will work for you also!

Good luck!


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