Dell XPS 15 9550 Extremely Swollen Battery Never Received Replacement Despite Submitting Request?

I have an XPS 15 9550 that has (like most others) an extremely swollen battery and has pushed the trackpad about a centimeter out of the laptop body. I submitted a request for an on site battery replacement (im guessing the trackpad also needs repairing now) via the bulletin several months ago however the repairman never came nor made any attempt to contact me. I have since disconnected the battery (not removed as i do not have the correct screwdriver to do so). It is urgent that it is fixed as it is extremely swollen. Has anybody else had a similar experience will Dell customer support that might now how to remedy this situation? 

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Not all of these were subject to replacement - your best option is to call Dell and find out if your system is eligible for repair (some of the batteries were made by Simplo and subject to replacement -others were from LG and were not).


I was sent an email from Dell regarding the swollen battery. They had a website where you could arrange to send in the laptop or, they would just ship you a battery and you could ship the old battery back. I completed the forms and never received my battery. I called Dell today as my trackpad is starting to popup (I had to look online to see that it was in fact the battery swelling that does this). They said that they have no records of who was or not sent batteries, but would not send me a replacement because it's out of warranty. Rediculous. No more Dell equipment for my family...

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