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Dell XPS 15 9550 Issues...

When I first bought the laptop 2 years or so ago I got frequent BSOD after a windows update with Dell tech's saying it was Microsoft's issue and they would have to help and of course Microsoft said it was Dell's issue due to their hardware and etc.

In the end I managed to get the BSOD to go away via a new install (honestly cannot remember what I did in 2017 to make it that way). I want to say that I created a USB boot drive out of a direct download of windows via Microsoft, but I cannot be sure and then slowly added drivers as just saying that here has me puzzled.

Fast forward to now, recently Windows and Dell did massive updates on my system... so many that I have no idea what has happened to my computer as it was almost a year and half without a single BSOD, but they have come back and it's anyone's guess when or etc. Currently the Event Viewer has the largest number of errors (random), warnings (random), and critical (Event 41, Kernel-Power, Task Category 63) icons pop up (I want to say in about an hour I had over 720+ instances... it was crazy.

It also will sometimes freeze when I'm web browsing or etc (never the same) and it will hang if it's gonna crash (sometimes it does).

I went to revert back via restore (before updates), but there was nothing to revert back to unfortunately.

So in the end my question is this, what is the best approach to starting fresh. Reason I ask is that my knowledge of computers isn't the greatest so when I'm told download drivers I have no idea what ones I really need. A friend said the chipset one, but there were 18 listed I think when I did auto detect on my pc via the Dell website's driver page. Considering the Dell knowledge base page for this just states "chipset driver" and that isn't actually listed on Dell's driver page which is that technically? Also that follows for almost every single other thing listed here.

I'm quite sure my post will be met with "yikes," but hopefully someone can read this and help the tech challenged individual that I am, so thanks in advance.

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Re: Dell XPS 15 9550 Issues...

First thing is to run diagnostics to make sure you don't have a hardware problem. That many errors is a concern. To run diagnostics, restart the system. At the Dell splash screen start tapping F12 then run full diagnostics. If that checks out fine, run an antivirus scan on the whole system. Assuming that looks good, then do a clean install of Windows 10 by using the Windows media creator tool. Alternatively you can also choose to download the Dell OS recovery image tool which will install the image of the OS as it was shipped on your system. If you choose the Dell tool, then I would clean up the install by uninstalling programs such as Smartbyte, Dell Support Assist, etc. Sometimes the updated installs that are recommended can be a problem (such as BIOS updates). As far as the number of chipset offerings, they all serve a different purpose and would all need to be downloaded. Items such as Intel ME, Thunderbolt, Intel 100 series, etc.

Windows 10 media creator tool.

Dell Recovery Image Tool

Uninstall Dell bloatware

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Re: Dell XPS 15 9550 Issues...

I've run the disk check and etc through powershell and etc, but I will go ahead and run the hardware scan as well via Dell's F12 bit. I run Kaspersky and Malwarebytes often and they haven't found anything either unfortunately.

One thing I noticed today was that after I unplugged the laptop and then closed the lid and reopened it about 10 min later that it had crashed as when it came "on" so to speak it was just a black screen with a lit up keyboard so had to hard crash it myself to get it to boot up.

I then ran event viewer and it was the same "Event 41, Kernel-Power, Task Category (63)" as critical as well as the volmgr having an error saying it couldn't create a dump file. When it has crashed there is also zero dump file on my entire system (looked at root folder and did file search and etc too).

Not sure what I should try next truthfully, other than wipe everything out and start from scratch and hope that fixes the issue.

My question would be this, if I did just a fresh install via the windows media creation tool (I created a usb stick with the OS on it already), what Dell drivers should I predownload or look for online directly? Should they be installed in a certain order? The dell driver page is a bit "scary" in how many are listed and how many I actually need.

Since the "Event 41, Kernel-Power, Task Category (63)" claims it's power related I find it strange that when I had this error last year it appeared to be an Intel Rapid Storage issue with Dell that was a nightmare in that I led to a reinstall of windows (creators 2017 full) and then installed the Intel stuff and my issues seemed to disappear. Not sure if that's the same here as the more I think about it I think I had a friend who no longer lives near me work on it to fix it.

Any thoughts or insights are greatly appreciated.

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