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Dell XPS 15 9550 keyboard and touchpad problems


I recently got back from a trip, and opened my laptop firstly after 4 months.

The laptop has sat in my room without any damage at all.

When I opened it it worked fine. After one day, I started to notice that sometimes the keyboard and touchpad are malfunctioning.

For example, the touchpad didn’t work for few hours, with its driver being with a warning sign and code 10 error.

The keyboard started to work really slowly, when most of the time I hit keys, they aren’t affecting anything on the laptop, and if they do it is real slow, not mentioning keys combinations.

I closed the laptop and when got up in the morning it worked perfectly fine like nothing happened.

This scenario is repeating itself for few days now (laptop works perfect during the day and after few hours touchpad and keyboard problems arising).

I tried to do Windows reset, hardware drivers update (updated all drivers and also bios to latest version), tried to uninstall latest windows update, stopped windows update, and run all dell test using the SupportAssist app and diagnostics in the Bios, but all came up positive and passed.


It is really frustrating since the computer was sitting on my desk for 4 months without anyone touching it, and it feels like some update may have been doing problems when I restarted it few days ago.

Has anyone encountered this situation or behavior?

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