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Dell XPS 15 9560 BSOD

My Dell XPS 9560 has been continually throwing BSOD VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR for the past few months. I believe this is related to the nvidia GTX 1050 video card. The only way I've been able to prevent the errors has been to disable the card in Device Manager, but this is no good to me as I'm a frequent Photoshop user and this will not run without the card enabled. Things I've tried:

  • Running System File Checker
  • Completely uninstalling (using DDU) and reinstalling the latest nvidia drivers (I've also tried installing an older version of the nvidia drivers)
  • Removing the latest Windows updates

It's now got to the stage where I am completely unable to use the laptop and am considering replacing it, so this is my last hope before I admit defeat with it!

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Quick update to this. I now believe this is an occurrence of an issue that is being widely discussed on the Microsoft forums:


It seems that the only resolutions are to disable the nvidia card, or to reinstall Windows 10 back to a pre-2022 release. Does anyone know if Dell are aware of this issue?

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same problem, i try all fix but dont work, i disable nvidia for keep work, so mad


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I have been facing exactly the same problems with my Dell XPS 15 9560 as most of us here in this group: 

  • sudden and unpredictable BSODs (VIDEO DXGKRNL FATAL ERROR)
  • long boot times showing only a black screen
  • sporadic behaviors of one of my photo editing software (ON1 Photo Raw), which heavily relies on the Nvidia GPU.

All evidence pointed towards Nvidia GPU driver inconsistencies and conflicts with other drivers.

After several months of frustration, I found a solution (may be just temporary fix) here:

For credit and references see below.

The combination of these four fixes resulted in a stable environment.  For several weeks now my laptop has not crashed at all, though I am heavily using the machine for photo editing purposes.  Statistically speaking, I can say that for me the problem has been solved (until further notice ….).

I want to explicitly mention that the Windows 10 revision does not seem to be factor here.  I have been updating ever since; no impact on the GPU stability.

I am not saying that this may be the only combination of Intel and Nvidia drivers that will do the trick.  But for me it did.  And I have <zero> intention to run more experiments exploring additional options ….

Finally, I want to give credit and big (!) thanks to Diego Aroso (and references he has used):




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Dell XPS 15 9560 Blue Screen problem

I've been having this same problem with the Dell XPS 9560 for almost 4 months now. It crashes repeatedly and randomly sowing the VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR. I have uninstalled and re-install several drivers for the Nvidia and the Intel GPU's but no success. Just like everyone else mentioned here, the problem started after a specific Windows update, but not very sure since there was also Dell command updates. Initially I tried rolling back updates but after every blue screen crash, all the restore point also disappear from backups & restore.

I already had about 5 crashes yesterday. I bought the laptop directly from Dell when it was released. It was the highest configuration at that time and cost me a fortune. This laptop is out of warranty due to its age, and I bought another XPS from Dell which is still under warranty, but got no issues. Why is it that the older one that is out of warranty that got this issue through update? Dell, I need explanation for this problem. Dell need to help resolve this issue. I felt cheated and this is unfair.

Dell where are thou?

Dell and Microsoft please come help us out.

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Same problem here. Any official solution yet available without downgrading the drivers?

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Hey all,

I started a thread on this same issue earlier in the year. Lots of contributors and attempted workarounds over many months, but the only fix is for the NVIDIA provided solution included in driver v526.47.

Someone from NVIDIA did eventually notice the posts over on the Microsoft Community so they did some investigation and provided a fix. It's specifically mentioned in the release notes for that driver.

Dell forum accepted post link:




Just wanted to chime in on the back of this because Joadrian's post was super helpful (I also spend a lot of time photo editing and otherwise beating up on the graphics card).

Following those rollbacks got rid of the BSOD. However, I was also suffering from a 1-2 minute black screen after logging in to windows. Mind you, I force installed Windows 11. But here's what I found to work best for my situation:

-Installed newest Intel 630 graphics driver:

-Rolled NVDA driver back to (the driver he references still created the 1-2 minute lag on login)

-Uninstalled both NVDA GeForce Experience and Control Panel

Doing the above gives me quick login, and no BSOD after my limited torture testing. 



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