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Dell XPS 15 9560 Not Turning On. 2 Amber, 1 white lights.


I had a problem with my laptop motherboard back in September, 2017 after a bios update. Tried to get help from Dell, but failed. 

I was forced to buy a new motherboard.

When I installed the new (refurbished) motherboard, the laptop didn't turn on. 2 amber, 1 white lights show up in the battery charging led. It keeps restarting and is in a loop for ever till the battery runs out. I've read this code indicate a CPU Failure? 

I can't ship the motherboard back to the seller (We can't ship any electronics out of my city.)

Any ideas how this can be fixed? If someone can provide any guidance, (I'm ready to pay for remote assistance to get this fixed), I'd really appreciate it. I already paid $650 for this new motherboard just because I've done a bios update. I'm out of option but to leave this laptop dead over paying another $650.


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