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Dell XPS 15 9570 (2018) Screen Black, but keyboard backlight is on

When I plug in the AC adapter to the laptop (battery is disconnected because it broke), the keyboard backlight flashes for a quick second, then turns off. Afterwards, when I press the power on button, the screen is black, but the keyboard backlight is on, but after a while, the whole laptop turns off. I unplug and replug in the AC adapter from the laptop as well as turning on/off the laptop with the power button  multiple times until I finally get the LCD screen to show something. However another problem occurs, where it shows an error from Dell Support Assist that the time-of-day is not set, so I just ignore it and boot up regularly. I think it may be because of the CMOS battery, so I disconnected and reconnected it after a minute, but the problems still occur. I also checked that the LCD is indeed working by pressing the D + Power button at the same time.

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