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Dell XPS 15 9570 Ram Slot Issue

The other day my laptop screen would suddenly pixelate into grey small boxes and crash. Also the laptop started draining battery while asleep. Then suddenly it wouldn't even turn on and had the battery light blinking with the pattern of 4 white and 2 amber. I looked up the pattern and saw that it was due to ram issues so I tried to reseat the ram. After spending hours trying to unscrew one of the stripped torx 5 screws (which i ended up drilling and breaking it off, now the bottom portion of the screw is stuck inside the laptop), I reseated the ram and it still wouldn't turn on. Then I tried testing one ram slot and one ram stick at a time. I discovered that one of the ram slots is malfunctioning because both ram sticks in slot A only allow the laptop to turn on while having both ram sticks in A and B and having ram stick 1 or 2 in slot B individually will not work. How do I fix the ram slot?

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Re: Dell XPS 15 9570 Ram Slot Issue

The only way I know would be to replace the motherboard. Make sure the slot does not have debris or dirt preventing proper contact of the RAM modules. Some Google results on possible (off the wall) fixes.




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Re: Dell XPS 15 9570 Ram Slot Issue

I saw the post about the guitar pick putting pressure and I tried booting up while putting pressure on slot B but when my fingers changed the amount of force the laptop crashed, so I am starting to think that the slot is not connecting properly with the ram stick.

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