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Dell XPS 15 9570 wifi keeps dropping


My laptop has major wifi issues. It can't stay connected to the wifi for more than 3 minutes. 

I have the latest bios and wifi drivers. 

I have to switch off and on the laptop for it to find the wifi networks. After 2 minutes it will disconnect. Then it shows you the networks but doesn't connect. And after a minute or two. It won't even show the networks at all.

I have to plug in the ethernet cable for internet. Then if I unplug it drops connection. Sometimes I keep the connection on wifi for 10 to 15 minutes. 


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Hello, I managed it out disabling bluetooth in bios and also disabled hw switch off of wifi and bluetooth. No driver reinstalation needed.

do you guys have a Killer wifi card installed?

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I have the same issue. I'm not able to use the laptop normally because the whole time the internet connection drops.

Is there a solution already?

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