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Dell XPS 15 9570 won't start

My Dell was acting up last 2 days i had trouble to turn it on it booted up in manufacturing mode and said there was no bootable device but then it started anyway after a few tried . But now it stopped booting. It starts with a black screen fans are spinning keyboard is lit at the start i see the white leds and then they Fade nothing amber.

What i already tried, hooking up second monitor, black screen aswell, the LCD test works when start with D power. The fn power does nog work.

I removed the Rams And tried no succes.

I removed the battery and did thé 10 second power reset a few times bit still not able to boot again.

Any other options of is the mainboard Fried?





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If you did not see a flash pattern without RAM installed then the overwhelming odds are that the system board is faulty.


Ik just checked it gives 3 Whites 2 amber if i start up without ram 


That is the error for "no RAM detected", which is as it should be.

Try one module at a time -- in each socket.  If one module fails in both sockets, but the other allows bootup, that module should be replaced.  If both modules fail in one of the sockets, the socket is bad and the mainboard will need to be replaced (or a single module be used).  If both modules do not work in the various configurations, odds are overwhelming the memory is OK -- but the system board is not.



Tried various combinations no afail so i'm guessing thé ram is ok. If my SSD would be defective could this give a black screen with a lid keyboard and fans spinning of would it just boot and say no bootable devices Found ?


A bad SSD can cause a no-POST, yes.  Remove it -- if the system POSTs to a setup screen without it, you've found your cause.



Tried it, still black screen fans lid keyboard. I feel like this is thé end of thé road :/.


Thanks for helping.

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Literally only signed up to pass back some help. I had my work station laptops dell xps 9550 from early 2017 - about mid ,2020 it died just stopped working one day during work...i called dell support they went through all the usual .... They suggested new motherboard. It was pretty expensive but the only reason i didn't buy was i had to fly the net day and lived abroad, so end the end i just bought a ZenBook.


The laptop basically has been sitting on a shelf for 2 years... Then today i thought about it and got it working!!!

Could not believe it!

. here's what i did and that i can't believe i didn't do earlier.

1. Took of back and removed battery 

2. Took out ram

3. Tried to boot - got the amber / white lights - knew this should not work if the board is fried ( FYI it was the code for no ram installed)

4 took the motherboard out - removed the CMOS battery for about 5 mins.

Plugged in one stick of ram. Didn't work - removed the cmos again for 3 mins and plugged back in and it boosted up.

Then later i broke it again trying to test the memory module's with both dims in.

But followed the about and it got solved again







Dude thank you for doing the effort. Mine is tucked away on the shelf aswell. When i have time i'm gonna try you solution. I'm sincerely a little curious van't wait to give this a try.


Big thanks

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