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Dell XPS 15 - Laptop shutdown, flame & smoke, nVidia GPU ded


example error when installing nVidia driverexample error when installing nVidia driverMy Dell XPS 15 randomly shutdown while I was using it. Immediately after, a small flame/light popped up from the cooling vent followed by some smoke (note: the light on the adapter also turned off).

After unplugging the adapter and the peripherals, I turned on the laptop and it seemed to work fine except the fact that the nVdia GPU is no longer detected.

I would like to mention that I received a message from Dell a couple of weeks prior notifying me that the battery on my model is faulty and I should order a new one free of charge. I did just that and, after a short delay due to the battery being out of stock, my battery finally arrived 2 days after the laptop short-circuited (or whatever happened to it that caused to produce a flame and smoke like that).

I ran all of the possible diagnostic scans and nothing else seems to be broken except the fact that it seems that the nVidia GPU is no longer connected at the hardware level properly. The video card does not show up in either the Windows device manager or in BIOS.

I am writing this because, first of all I need assistance with my device but also these sorts of accidents could indeed harm somebody, especially if their Dell notebook catches fire while they are not nearby the device.

I would be grateful for any kind of advice on what I should do next.

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you GPU is probably dead "fried" you need to replace the motherboard, if you still have warranty contact dell

the same thing happened to my XPS 15 9550 i send it for repair and they had to replace the motherboard.

can i ask what where you running when it shutdown ?



My device is out of the 1 year warranty by 5 months, so I'm not sure what type of support Dell will provide. I understand that the motherboard will have to get swapped as well.

I have got in contact with someone from customer support and sent them some info they required. Hopefully they will get back at me with an answer/more info soon.

When the incident took place I was playing a game of Dota2. In addition I probably had Discord, Steam & Chrome running. The laptop was on a flat, solid surface which ensured proper airflow through the intake so I don't know what could've produced the short.

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