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1 Amber

Dell XPS 15: Quality control and Customer service nightmare.

When my XPS 15 9500 arrived last month, the first thing I noticed when I opened the lid was the uneven placement of the trackpad in the cutout of the palm rest. The right-hand side of the trackpad has a larger gap in between the trackpad itself and the chassis compared to the left-hand side. This has resulted in the left and right clicks on the trackpad being very noisy. I have gone into stores and tested out the trackpads on the same model laptop on the display models. Luckily for them, they have perfect and quiet trackpads, unlike mine. I have contacted Dell about this in 3 different ways.
First, I messaged them on WhatsApp but this turned out to be a complete waste of time as they ended up ghosting me and the issue was never resolved.
After that, I messaged their support team through their online chat on their website. This looked promising as the support assistant actually replied to my messages and allegedly requested for a technician to come to my house and replace my trackpad for me. They were also so kind as to say that they were to send me a follow-up message about the repair with more information....... a complete lie. They never sent an email back, no text was sent to me by the technician to confirm a time for the repair (like what the support assistant told was going to happen), and the technician did not show up on the day which the support assistant said that they would. It has been almost a full week and I have failed to get any response from dell.
Lastly, I have sent an email to dell about the issues I have been having with the laptop with no response.

I'm starting to suspect that dell is trying to wait out my 12-month warranty so they don't have to repair my device or just make me give up on this issue completely.

A few days ago, I noticed that when my laptop is put on "best performance" in Windows settings, whenever I move my mouse I get loud coil whine. I didn't notice this issue earlier because I had not used a mouse with this laptop until that moment. Usually this would go unnoticed due to loud fan noise but because the fans usually don't spin on the laptop (good job Dell!!!!) I can hear it EVERY TIME it happens. I have noticed this in the past when I went to turn on my laptop and I mistook the coil whine for fan noise and just dismissed it.
I know that even if I try to contact dell, they will just ignore me and the problem will never get resolved, which is why I'm here, making this post.

(I have not called dell about these issues as I have not had the time to be able to call them about it during the hours which their call centre is open)

Any suggestions of what I should do next?

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Hey man!

Quite late to the show, but how did it turn out?

Did they solve your problem? What happened?




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2 Jasper

I cannot count how many hours/days I have spent following the suggestions of the Dell Customer Service in the past three years. I had a very defective XPS 15 2019. They substituted the screen, twice the keyboard, three or four times the top part with the palmrest, the hard drive. After three years of passion and pain, they sent me a replacement, actually making a very generous offer.

But I understood the reason of such generosity: I received a 3800 EUR laptop (XPS 17 2022) with a half-broken key, wobbling and rattling touchpad, continuously freezing. By the way, the battery on this laptop lasts at most 2.45 hours with normal activities (no videos, games, or heavy computations).

I do agree they absolutely need to improve the quality control on their components.

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