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Dell XPS 15 not waking up after long sleep

I have my brand new premium top spec(1TB SDD 16GB RAM 4K Display) Dell XPS 15 for little over two months. So far I have had lots of issues and a lot of time spent on trying to fix issues which you would imagine won't be there in the first place at this price tag, such as colour-banding, toxic colours, auto-brightness, etc. 

Now I decided to try to get a fix for a problem I've had since day 1, which is that my laptop won't wake up after long sleep.

Issue scenario: If I close the lid on my laptop, it will go to sleep. If open the lid and press the space button, my laptop will wake up instantly. However after long sleep periods, say in the morning after it was sleeping for 10-12 hours, opening the lid or pressing the space button won't do anything apart from lighting up the keyboard. All I can do is press the power button for 3-5 seconds to have a normal full boot which will take around 20-25 seconds(not something I expected from a £2000 laptop). My previous Asus laptop was half the price and had zero issues whatsoever.


Hope to get some help here. As I currently profoundly regret making this purchase. 

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